Limited Edition Herbs, Inc. has been making high quality liquid herbal MultiTracts for over ten years. Our experience and special MultiTract manufacturing process have made our liquid herbal remedies some of the best available to the consumer.  

 Our herbal philosophy is based on the work of 19th century American herbalist, Samuel Thomson, who believed that the symptoms of sickness are the body's efforts to remove waste material from the system.  

 Unlike pharmaceuticals, our liquid herbal MultiTracts are not designed to suppress the symptoms of sickness, but rather, to support the body in its efforts to get well. Liquid herbal MultiTracts help to strengthen the body so that it can heal naturally.  

 The body will heal itself if we provide it with the conditions and raw materials it needs to effect repairs. This is the great secret of natural healing. Limited Edition liquid herbal MultiTracts provide the raw materials for healing and good health.  

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