Certified Natural Health Professionals (CNHP) was created to provide information, instruction and certification in the field of natural health practices that do not incorporate the use of orthodox drugs or surgical procedures. Our philosophy is to respect an individual's lifestyle choice while supporting the least invasive methods of health care maintenance. We present a forum of alternative philosophies not easily found through traditional, informational channels. 

 A Certified Natural Health Professional is a reservoir of information. By attending a series of certification and capstone seminars, CNHP students learn the techniques necessary to promote balanced living and the prevention of disease in their own lives and that of their families and community. CNHP works tirelessly to supply information and promote legislation designed to protect natural health practitioners and the rights of the general public to choose their preferred methods of health care. CNHP also has a Spanish Division. To view the catalog of courses and complete information visit us at www.cnhp.org.

Contact Information
 Phone: (800) 321-1005
 Email: info@cnhp.org
 Website: www.cnhp.org