Considered to be the premier natural and alternative health event in the country, the Trinity Health Freedom Expo is held annually in Chicago, Illinois. The two-day event feature over 30 top international, national and local speakers and legislators plus 100 natural and alternative health exhibits.

 The public has the opportunity to meet and hear the leaders of the health freedom movement. Created to educate and empower the public, what sets the Expos apart is that the information presented is not just to sell products to consumers; it's about people who are passionate about sharing information. It's about how our health freedoms can be taken away. It's about what we can do to protect them. When people are empowered with quality information and have the freedom to make informed choices, they can create a naturally healthy and vibrant lifestyle. 
 Exhibitors present the newest products for consumers, practitioners and business owners. Many products are being introduced to the public for the first time. On the exhibit floor they can try the latest health technologies such as state-of-the-art electronics, massage techniques and other cutting edge modalities. Attendees can sample delicious organic foods, find the hottest books from leading authors and discover natural products for the home and your family. 
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 Phone: 888-658-EXPO (3976)
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